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Confidential Parallel-chains architecture




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Circulating supply
Max. Supply, XGM
Network, Sol/s
Last block
100 XGM
Block reward

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XGM Specifications

Protocol/lang MimbleWimble/C++

Consensus Proof Of Work (POW)

Algorithm GrimmPOW Equihash 150_5

Address obfuscation Non stored

Amount obfuscation Confidential transactions (CT)

Transaction graph obfuscation Dandelion++ transaction elimination/Decoy Outputs (Dummy Zero Outputs)

Transaction signing/verification time Milliseconds

Raw transaction size 1.0kB

Min./pruned transaction size 0.01kB

Blocktime 60 sec

Coinbase maturity 90 blocks

Max block size 2Mb

Emission Deflationary

Blockchain creation Kit

Grimm is a first modular platform with a new Confidential Parallel-chains architecture that provides the ability to create your own independed mimblewimble blockchain for any project or product. New blockchains created on the Grimm platform are called Confidential Assetchains.

Features of Grimm platform:

>> Customizable. Allowing creators to change params in their own blockchain from algorithm to consensus rules. Possibility to choosing whether or not to receive upgrades from Grimm platform.
>> Confidential Assets. Possibility to allowing Assetchain users to create own assets on mimblewimble protocol like colored tokens.
>> Easy Blockchain creation Kit. Allows to create own blockchain without in-depth technical knowledge. User friendly.
>> Fast. Possibility to allowing one Assetchain to verify transactions for any other assetchain for significant increase TPS.
>> Scalable. Transactional data stored on the blockchain does not increase with the number of users, as nodes store only unused outputs and block headers. As a result, the weight of blockchain is reduced by several times.
>> Private but optionally Transparent. Assetchains operates on confidential transactions and uses a blinding factor. Only two sides are dedicated to the details of the transaction. But if necessary, the sender of the payment can generate and provide proof of payment to a third party. However, Assetchain creator can set non-confidential signatures by default.


Grimm core team

We see existing conditions and systems of control, not governed by logic or reason but by greed, corporatism, subversion, bureaucracy, censorship, and inefficiency. We have a strong distrust for inherently flawed and corrupt systems. Our value transparency, free speech, privacy, and real decentralization.

Den Novak


Andrew COP



Pre-release 10.3

Grimm is the first mimblewimble platform with a new Confidential Parallel-chains architecture. Grimm first who introduced Confidential Assetchain technology and possibility of creating own blockchains and confidential assets (like "tokens") on Mimblewimble link on release. GRIMM from now uses its $XGM ticker coinmarketcap coingecko


BlockchainLife 2019
GUI wallet update

Den Novak and Andrew Cop presented the GRIMM project to leading blockchain companies, funds and investors on one of the biggest blockchain forum 2019 in Europe video link. Published new release. Light Wallet and Full node wallet in a single GUI interface. New user-friendly design link.

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